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Does alcohol cause retinal detachment?

I know that fierce activities may cause retinal detachments. I wonder if drinking too much alcohol cause retinal detachment.
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  • Alexander green


    As we know, people with high myopia will easily get the retinal detachment who should take good care of their eyes. If they go for the fierce activities, their possibility of getting retinal detachment is high. If you drink too much, the alcohol will stimulate your eyes. In addition, if you get knock after the drinking, it may cause the retinal detachment.
  • Tyler charles


    Well, I don not think so. Drinking too much alcohol will not cause detachment. As we know that drinking too much alcohol will make your blood flow faster, in this way, it will disorder your body system. And also do harm to your eyes and other part of your body. For example, drinking too much will make your eyes blood shoot. But you should know that it will not make your eyes detachment. Anyway, drinking alcohol can be a good thing, so just give up this bad habit.
  • Thomas oliver


    Well, of course sometimes some extreme activities could lead to that kind of retinal detachment. However, as far as I know, there are rare cases that people could get retinal detachment as a result of drinking too much. It is good for you to pay attention to your eye health, I mean, what you should do is just take care of your eyes and drink less, and every risk is eliminated.