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What to do if you have no contact lens case?

I broken my contact lens case. Now any idea? I want to take off my contact lenses but there is no contact lenses case to keep it. What will you do if you have no contact lenses case?
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  • chris R


    Well, when it comes to this question, my first and most trusted way is to find myself a small beverage bottle cap, since the shape of the contact lenses cases are close to a bottle cap right? You can just fill the cap with contacts solutions and you are good to go. However, you should not rely on it for too long since it is likely to give rise to bacteria. So, buy yourself a case when possible.
  • baker


    A piece of cake! Any container can keep contact lens so long as it is clean and sealed. If you have broken contacts case and cannot go out to buy one, you can use a small shallow dish to replace it for a temporary method. First clean the dish by boiled water or saline eye solution. When the dish is dried, you can use it as your usual working steps. After putting contacts in, use plastic wrap cover the dish. But tomorrow, you must rush in an optical store and buy a new one.
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  • Kevin lee


    If you have no contact lenses cases by the hand, you'd better find a sealed case with the cover. Then put in the solution and soap the contact lenses in it. But the precondition that you should keep notice of is its clean of the case you find. You should wash it carefully.
  • Anita


    If you have contact solution but no case, you could just put some in two cups and store one contact lens in each with a napkin or washcloth to keep the dust out. If you do not have solution, you could go to the hotel lobby or a nearby store and buy yourself some more solution and an shiny new case. If there's no time for shopping, then I'm afraid you'll have to either squint a lot or have someone hold anything you have to read at the proper distance because there's really no saving the contact lenses.
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