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Are some ray ban sunglasses made in china?

I saw some ray ban store in China when i am on business trip. Are ray ban sunglasses made in China? I thought they were made in America.
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  • duncan


    Yeah, the ray ban sunglasses are originally made in America. With the economic globalization, many foreign factories build their branching processing companies in the developing countries because of the low cost and opening market. Thus, the ray ban sunglasses printed with "made in china" you see on your business trip are the real ones.
  • Falcon


    Yes, although ray ban are not brand designed by China, with the globalization, there are some Ray-Ban sunglasses are currently manufactured in China. But they are still authentic ray ban sunglasses. And some of the Ray ban sunglasses also sold in China. So, it is not fake when you see ray ban sunglasses that signs "made in china".
  • Guava


    Ray ban is a world famous brand of sunglasses. It was founded originally for American Air Force. And now it has over 70 year's history. With highest quality materials and the latest technology, Ray ban has led global fashion trends. In Asian, more and more people gradually like Ray ban, especially the youth. And Ray ban seize the opportunity to open the market. There are authorized agents in Asian. If you wanna detailed information, visit Ray ban website and check it. Ray ban is made by Luxottica, the world's largest eyewear company. Its best known brands include Ray-Ban, Persol and Oakley.

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