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Benjamin gary


Do 3d glasses work over regular glasses?

Do you try to wear 3d glasses? What are the difference between 3D glasses and over regular glasses? Will it work over regular glasses?
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  • Cassy


    Yes, when I see the 3d movie, I will wear the 3d glasses over the regular eyeglasses because I have the high myopia. If you just wear the regular glasses, it will not let you distinguish the pictures from the 3d movies. However, wearing the 3d glasses over the regular eyeglasses will be too tired for the eyes after seeing the movie because of the heavy weight and the double lenses. I suggest you to wear the contact lenses inside and then to wear the 3D glasses. It will be OK. 3D glasses have many color types. What we commonly see are red and blue and dark purple. Working principle of the 3D glasses is its through sex which by using light in the corresponding color and different colors. 3D glasses can let two eyes see only 3 d images. And the two pictures of a three-dimensional glasses can be used for only one. What's more, 3d eyeglasses are not only for watching 3 d movies, they are even useful for watching the exciting 3 d games.
  • Theron


    Well, actually nowadays, 3d glasses are very popular in daily life. Definitely, they are more powerful than the regular glasses because of their special functions. As we know that the 3D effect relies on your two eyes each seeing a slightly different image, in which your brain then combines into a three dimensional picture. And also you should know that different 3D displays achieve this in different ways. Generally speaking, when you have wear a pair of 3d glasses while watching 3d movie, it will make you feel that you are just in the real phenomenon. This feeling just attracts many people. so it will be very different when you wear 3d glasses. but if you wear 3d glasses over regular glasses, its function will just be like before. for example, if you wear prescription glasses and then have the 3d glasses over them, you can have good vision and feel the three-dimension at the same time. it is so amazing that many people try it now. So you also can have a try.
  • David Felker


    Yeah! 3d film is hot in recent year. And you can even watch 3d at home with a TV with 3d function. 3d glasses is necessary, which working principle is to filter the red, green and blue colors and give you a 3d imaging. It can be wear over prescription glasses. If you go to the cinema to watch Avator, the cinema will give you a free 3d glasses. Wear it over your regular glasses, that is ok. Wow! What a gorgeous! It looks vivid! You must be surprised when you first wear 3d glasses. Enjoy it!
  • Colin Pratt


    It is possible and some people are happy with this. However, some people complain that the combined weight of the two glasses are uncomfortable, and other people report that doing this is uncomfortable around the ears. For these people there are a few solutions. The cheapest is to use clip-ons, which are rather like the clip-on sunglasses. The problem with these is that the clip tends to be a bit distracting. Another solution is prescription 3D glasses. There are two types. There are ones that use an prescription insert, the other uses lenses with polarisers bonded to the them. The former costs from £49.95 ($75.08), the latter from £89.95 ($135.84). These glasses are available from the following places: