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Is reading on the computer bad for eyes?

I like to read e-book at computers. Is that bad for eyes? Why?
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  • Danielle lewis


    To some certain degree, reading on computer is worse that reading books. Pls note I do not mean that you can not reading E-book on computer; if you want to read on computer, you had better change the brightness of your computer less bright, which will be less harmful. According to the experts, your eyes are burning because you're basically focusing your eyes and staring at a light screen. Besides, you should not see the computer screen for long time, because this will make your eyes tired. I usually take breaks in between if I am working on something and reading a book on the internet. Otherwise, you will have the dry eyes and redness. If you can not monitor yourself to take breaks, then I strongly advice you should read the paper books, which is much better than E-books.
  • eminentpraise


    If you have the habit of reading e-book at computers, you must choose the quite place with suitable light. If you read the e-book at computers at dark situation, it will be bad for your eyes. Because the light resource from the screen will be directly come into your eyes which saves the process of coming into your retinal, your eyes may get tired easily. You'd better have a rest for a while. Or else, the eyes axis will elongate because of the too much use of eyes. Then you will be easily short sighted. What's worse, the dryness symptom may come to your eyes. Keep in mind that using the eyedrops after using eyes in front of computers for a while.
  • walkintothewall


    I do not think it is a good idea. I like reading too and I used to read online or on computer. But after a long period of time, I have some trouble of my eyes. Painful, watery, itchy and bloody. I consulted my eye care doctor. And he told me that it was eyestrain. For further development, it could be blurred vision even lose vision. Eyestrain is result from using your eyes over an extended period of time, like reading or watching TV/display. If you still wanna read ebooks, there are some items you must obey: 1. Lighting. Your eyes are easier to get strain as in dark circumstance. 2. Lightness of your screen. Too bright light would damage your eyes. 3. Have appropriate rest. Move your eyes from screen for 10 to 15min after 2-3hours. 4. Hot compress. Deep the towel into hot water and cover it on your eyes for 10-15min. 5. Blink eyes frequently, which can moisten your eyes to prevent dryness and irritation. 6. Eye exercise.