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Does plucking your eyebrows make your eyelids droop?

I often pluck my eyebrows so as to beautify it. Does plucking your eye brows make your eyelids droop if i often do that?
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  • Christian


    Yes, it will. Whether you pluck your eyebrows so as to make them regrow fast and much more? However, it is not right. The eye complexion is so weak that may cause the eyelids droop. If you do this often, the effect will be obvious. You'd better not do this any more.
  • miguel gaytan


    Eyelids drooping, the main reason is that "aging". Aging of the skin often have a relaxation phenomenon. The relaxation problem usually first appears around the eyes, especially in the upper eyelid.Plucking eyebrows will not cause drooping eyelids, but plucking will damage the skin. Especially the wrong direction will cause inflammation of hair follicles and pigmentation. If you have to pluck eye brows ,You should not be too frequent to do this. Hot towel for a few minutes before pulling eyebrows pores open, and then pluck according to the direction of hair growth. After the plucking,you should coat the moisturizers.

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