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Can prism eyeglasses correct double vision?

Will prism eyeglasses help me correct double vision? How?
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  • Tooto


    Prisms do not change the focus of a lens, but shift an image laterally, vertically or diagonally as required, so that if your eyes will not line up, the images will.
    Suppose a right eye tended to look 5 degrees to the right of its partner. What the left eye saw as straight ahead, the right eye would see as 5 degrees to the left of straight ahead: double vision. (draw it on paper if it helps)
    a prism shifting the image 5 degrees would let the right eye agree with the left as to what "looked " straight ahead, *even though the eyes were not straighter than before.

    In practice the prisms do not usually have to be in front of the non-straight eye, as long as the total amount of prism is appropriate and, for appearance, often half the prism is placed in each eye, to produce the same total effect.

    If you still have some double vision or eyestrain, even with best prisms, consider and consult as to whether a back-up pair of glasses with one side frosted or blacked out might not be restful for occasional use. Experiment with a folded piece of paper to cover one eye if you like...
  • Dylan


    Yeah, the prism eyeglasses can help you who has the double vision see clearly. The double vision may be caused by the not exact intake point of eye vision. And the prism eyeglasses made of the special design on the lenses will help you see the things at sight relatively exactly.However, the ones with double vision must be treated with the surgery and then be corrected.
  • David


    Yes, prism lenses can help double vision. When a person have double vision, doctors often prescribe them with prism eyeglasses. Though prism can't cure double vision, They can help them see better. They usually show up as thicker and thinner edges on the eyeglass lenses. I don't know how they work to help eyes. But i know it will help double vision. If you want to know more about it, you can consult an doctor.