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What are the cataracts causes in young people?

I thought cataracts only occurs to older people. But recently i find some young people who also suffer cataracts. What cause the cataracts in young people?
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  • elizabeth_starz


    There are many causes which can make young people suffer from cataract. But the main factors are: First, nutrient metabolism. The lack of certain vitamins and trace elements can relate to cataract, such as calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E, A and B2. Second, hardening dehydration, in the case of dehydration, the body’s fluid metabolism will disorder, which can produce unusual substances, and damage the lens. Third, the temperature of the outside world, higher temperature can make lens easy to degenerate, and the probability for people suffering from cataract is greater. Fourth, lack of oxygen, in the situation of oxygen deficiency, the calcium and vitamin will decrease in lens, but the lactic acid will increase, which can promote cataract. Fifth, endocrine, endocrine disorder can promote cataract. Sixth, sunlight and ultraviolet light, under the influence of ultraviolet rays, phosphate ions may combine with calcium in the aging lens, which can form insoluble calcium phosphate, and then result in hardening and calcification of lens.
  • Michelle percy


    Cataracts are most common in later years, but children and young people also get them. Suffering from too much work pressure and working too long in front of computer can cause many eye disease including cataract among young people. Smoking, alcohol and excessive exposure to sunlight are also risk factors for developing a cataract.
  • Noah rupert


    We all know that the age is the most popular reason of cataracts. However, we found a lot of young people got cataracts recently. Actually, many other reasons begin to play a big role in modern life. Sun's UV rays in modern are stronger than that before. Disease like diabetes become more and more popular. Long time working at computer screen also becomes a part of people's daily life. Genetic disease is more and more serious. All of these could cause cataracts in young people.

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