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Theresa M


Is it normal to have extreme dry eye after LASIK surgery?

I took an LASIK surgery a month ago, And i feel extreme dry eyes. Is that normal? Or how can i stop it?
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  • walking_lives_


    Most of patients after LASIK will develop some degree of dry eyes. Dry eyes after LASIK can cause both discomfort and less than optimal visual outcomes. For this reason, many eye surgeons now recommend that you use lubricating eye drops or other therapies to help maintain eye moisture. Look for the best eye drops for dry eyes, you can buy some eye drops from some large eye companies like Allergan, Alcon, or Bausch & Lomb. Though they are more expensive, but it is worth. Anyway, i believe you won't take risk of your eyes for saving money.
  • Adam tuener


    According to a report, about half of the patients who had lasik surgery suffered dry eye after the surgery, and some were serious. Dry eye is one of the most commom side effects of lasik surgery. There are some patients had been suffering dry eye for six months, even more than one year. It is said that dry eye following LASIK is persistent and long-standing instead of a transient complication. The surgery will damage corneal nerve, which is the reason why dry eye happens after LASIK. You should pay attention to protect your eyes from bright lights, UV lights more carefully and keep your eyes clean.
  • aaron


    Yes, it is. Dry eye is one of the typical sequels after LASIK surgery. So please do take more care of your eyes and follow exact what your surgeon told you to do. Because the lacrimal glands are oppressed, so cornea can't be moist by tears. But it's hopeful that dry eye will be recovered gradually. Artificial tears may help relieve the feeling of burning.
  • Sharon Field


    Almost every patient will suffer from the dry eyes after lasik surgery, Which is a quite normal phenomenon. Because under normal conditions, the very sensitive nerves in the cornea send signals to the Lacrimal Gland that produces tears in response to dryness or irritation. In order to eliminate your nearsightedness or farsightedness, the surgeon need to shape the cornea by preparing a thin flap with the Lasik energy. And during the creation of the flap, some of the cornea nerves will be temporarily damaged. That is to say, for some time after your LASIK, the regular nerve impulses that used to tell the Lacrimal Gland to produce tears will be interrupted. That is why people suffer from dry eyes after LASIK. Usually in 2 weeks at least and 1 year at most, people will get relief if they take measures correctly as they are instructed by the doctor. Like use eye drops , wear sunglassses when being outside.

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