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What are the Treatment Options i can choose for glaucoma?

I have glaucoma for years. It is really boring. What are the Treatment Options i can choose for glaucoma?
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  • Brandon


    Glaucoma can be treated by laser surgery, eye drops, meditations and other surgical procedures etc. If it is not serious, you can choose eye drops and meditations to lower eye pressure. Sometimes doctors will prescribe a combination of eye drops. People using these medications should be aware of their purpose and potential side effects, which should be explained by a medical professional. If you have acute glaucoma, you may choose surgery. It is best for you to go to the doctor and seek for advice.
  • Angela


    You should always keep your diet healthy usually. Do not eat too salty, spicy food and coffin. Do not get much pressure. You need to ask for your doctor to seek some useful medicine to treat glaucoma. People who have glaucoma can be blind.The best way to heal glaucoma is to undergo cataract surgery. However, there are risks to have cataract surgery. So you want to have the surgery,you should talk to your physician-in-charge carefully about the risks.
  • classiccarguy89


    For glaucoma, there are three ways of treatment for you choosing. First, drug therapy, it is a good method for the glaucoma in early time, and it has a good effect. Once the visual function is damage, this treatment can only prevent further development, the impaired visual function can not be fully restored. Using the anti-glaucoma eye drops can control open-angle glaucoma. The second method is surgical therapy. If the drug can not control the intraocular pressure, you can consider laser treatment or surgery. But because the harm of surgery is great, and your eyes can not be completely cured after surgery, so you can also choose Chinese medicine treatment, because Chinese medicine treatment is mainly in recuperation, it has no side effects, and the rate of safety is also high.
  • Jason


    Glaucoma is a kind of eye diseases, which causes the damage of optic nerve. And it could cause permanently damage eye vision and lead to blindness finally. There are different types of glaucoma that are normal pressure glaucoma, chronic narrow angle glaucoma and acute angle closure glaucoma. In order to recovery the eye vision, it had better to treat the glaucoma as soon as possible. Usually, the premier treatment is using beta blockers to anti-glaucoma effectively with some side effects, so the asthma suffers had better not to use it. And the eye drop can reduce the pressure of the eye as well as the aqueous humor, and there is no side effect. Next, the acupuncture is a natural option to help improve eye vision without change the eye pressure in a long period. Finally, the glaucoma surgery is a safe and easy way to help the patient to recovery.