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What Vision Supplements help keep eye health?

I want to keep my eyes health, Can you recommend me some Vision Supplements that good for eyes?
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  • Eliza


    Antioxidants such as vitamin A, C and E as well as fatty acids are thought to help to maintain good eye health and prevent certain eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Different antioxidants have their additional, respective benefits. Vitamin A also fights against night blindness, while vitamin C also plays roles in dry eye relief and macular damage prevention. Lutin is also good for eyes to keep the eyes safe from oxidative stress and the high-energy photons of blue light.
  • christy9589


    In order to keep eye health, you should get more protein, vitamin and trace elements. The rhodopsin in the eye retina is combined by protein. Protein deficiency will lead to insufficient synthesis of rhodopsin, which can lead to visually impaired. So you should supplement some high protein-containing foods. Second, vitamin A is an important material for photosensitive material. Sufficient vitamin A can make your eyes bright. Vitamin C is also important element for the lens of the eye. Third, trace elements are less ten thousandth of the body content, but it has a great effect. Zinc can increase the sensitivity of nerve. Selenium is an important trace element for maintaining the vision. Molybdenum is an element which can ensure us to see the scene clearly. Chromium can affect insulin regulatory function, and we will not have myopia with this element.
  • Kelley


    First, food with Vitamin A, such as fish, eggs, animals' liver and carrot. Since Vitamin A is very important to vision. Lack of Vitamin A maybe cause xerophthalmus, so supply yourself some Vitamin A. Second, calcium is also important to eyes, it play a leading role of sclera, you can get calcium from animals' bone and beans. Third, chromium and zinc will help you from getting myopia, you should eat some nori, almond, yellow croaker, beef, grape juice, and nutlet. There are a lot of ways to protect eyes, not only vision supplement, but also have a good rest.
  • Tessence


    Our eyes are considered to be the most important of the senses. By knowing which ocular nutrition and eye health food choices support the eyes, you can obtain some vision supplements in your diet. Here are foods that are known to support and improve eye health: 1. Collard greens, kale and spinach –foods rich in carotenoids. 2. Green vegetables and corn – foods rich in lutein and zeaxanthin. 3. Apricots, bilberries and blueberries – foods rich in beta carotene and lycopene.