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Zoe may


Are supplements really helpful to improve vision?

I heard that there are some vision supplements good for eyes. Are the really helpful? What vision supplements can i take?
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  • Zoe murphy


    I do think some vision supplements can improve vision such as some Herbs, Vitamins, Lutein, etc. and some vision supplements help people prevent some eye diseases. At present, many people are likely to eat vision supplements to sharpen your vision, including me.
  • Cathy


    Yes, some supplements really helpful to improve vision. The eyes must absorb enough vitamins, especially vitamin A, B, C. Only in this way we can keep good eyesight. You can try a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, especially with green pepper, cucumber, cauliflower, cabbage and so on. By the way, the sweet food and eat hard food too little is not good for improving the vision. And also the best treatment period for improving the vision is youth.