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What factors should i consider to buy athletic glasses?

I like sports and often join some sports at weekend. But i am nearsighted. So, i want to buy a pair of athletic glasses. What should be considered when i choose athletic glasses?
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  • Alexandria


    When you are choosing athletic glasses, the first thing you must consider is the eye protection. Make sure athletic glasses can give you a all-sided eye protection if you are in competitive sports. Then the athletic glasses should be comfortable to wear. As for the lenses, it is better to made of polycarbonate which is shatter resistant, thus can protect your eyes from being injured. Besides, the lenses should be anti fog to provide you clear vision.
  • Dylan fergus


    There are a lot of prescription goggles for those people like sports but are with vision problems. Nowadays, this kind of glasses are quite popular. When you choose athletic glasses, you should keep the following points in mind: firstly pay attention to the choice of lenses. There are some kind of lenses such as polycarbonate lenses, interchangeable lenses, photochromic lenses and polarized lenses. Different lenses are of different use. You can select one according to your own situation. Secondly, make sure it is the best for you. You should take comfort, weight and protection into account. UV protection is very important for outdoor enthusiasts. Besides, the frame material, style and color also matter.
  • eisenstiefel


    Firstly,you should have an eye exam first to get your prescription. Secondly,You'd better choose one that can give you maximum field of vision because when you do sports, you need more vision field to observe the movements around you. Thirdly,You should consider the weight of the glasses. Lighter sports glasses will make you feel more comfortable.
  • Jonathan


    There are different kinds of athletic glasses for different sports. I think professional athletic glasses may too purposeful as you often join different sports, right? So, I have two pieces of advice for you. The first one, you can fill yourself contacts as contact lenses can give you a competitive advantage in sports, particularly when it comes to providing a wider field of view. But please learn which lenses are right for your sport. The second choice is a pair of normal glasses suitable for sports. You may think it is a little difficult. But if you can take the flowing factors into consideration, it is not a problem. First of all, the glasses should have frame as the screws of glasses without frame are easy to become flexible. And the best frame should be titanium alloy with good formability, and it is better with wide frame. Second, the lenses should be hard resin lens. Hope this will help you!
  • Katelyn


    According to different sports, there are many choices of athletic glasses. Sports like bicycle motocross, jogging, skiing, golf, and camping are taking place in a way close to the limit of human body, and the eyes are the most sensitive tissues. So extra protection is needed even if we don't have refractive errors. But for sports lovers just like you, who has some kind of eye disorders, nowadays there are also prescription lenses with specific equipment, which can meet different needs. So there are two points you should consider and which are also what the doctor will ask you. Firstly, you will be asked to take a refraction exam, then in which circumstances you will be wearing it, because in most of the day you're wearing glasses. That is to say athletic glasses are specially designed for sports, and don't need to be wore in daily lives. So use them sparingly and do routine maintenance.

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