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What are eye exercises good for tennis players?

I am a amateur tennis player. I wonder if there are some eye exercise that are good for tennis players?
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  • Debbie


    Playing tennis itself is good for the eyes. When the tennis ball comes in, your eyes may move according to the ball's direction which may directly make the eye muscles exercise. It will make the eye balls move actively. In addition, this sports activity will be beneficial for your eyes. About the exercise, you can do the ocular gymnastics to do the basic healthy protection for the eyes.
  • Sue


    Good vision is important for everyone. Tennis itself is an activity that will beneficial for eyes. Following the ball's movement, your eyes have to move quickly. Other eye exercises will also strengthen eye muscles and relax them. If you practice every day, bit by bit, you can get yourself out of the eye problems. 1. Look close and far. Find tow points. One is 30 meters away, another is 10cm away. First focus on the former for 25 seconds, then move your eyes on the later for 5 seconds. Keep move for 10 minutes. 2. Close eyes and rotate eye balls slowly for 10 times. Then open and focus on far away. 3. Massage around eyes. Close eyes while do it.