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Can eye strain cause puffy eyes?

My eyes feel so strain after reading a book. And also, i noticed that i got puffy eyes. Why? Does eye strain make my eyes puffy?
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  • ea4ever2end


    Reading a book for long can make your eyes tired. This can be a reason for your puffy eyes. Eye strain or fatigue are said to be the main cause of puffy eyes. When your eyes get strained, your eye muscle are also strained and stressed. Puffy eyes occur when there is inflammation or excess fluid in the connective tissues surrounding the eye. Puffy eyes can be caused by eye infection, eye injuries, allergies and of course eye strain. My advice for you is you should get enough rest and if possible use some tear drops in the eye which can be of much help to relieve both eye strain and puffy eyes.
  • walkingthesky


    Yes, your eyes strain will cause the eyes puffy because of the tight eyes nerves. You need to use something to make your puffy eyes feel better. You could just use the oil essentials to make the puffy eyes feel better. You could also use the warm compress to make the eyes feel comfortable. In addition, you should have good rest for the eyes which will release the strain eyes.