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How to get rid of episcleritis?

Do you have any good idea to treat episcleritis? Please help
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  • Alyssa


    Episcleritis is a kind of quite mild eye problem which won't cause serious and permanent damage to the eye. The cause of episcleritis is still unknown currently. On most occasions episcleritis does not need much treatment and will disappear as time goes on. However, it is better for you to get it treated in order to avoid more serious problems. Artificial tears are said to be of great help in the treatment of mild Episcleritis. You will consume topical corticosteroids if your episcleritis gets worse. And if the above-mentioned topical therapies are not of use, you can also have a try of systemic therapy by the consumption of systemic anti-inflammatory agents and NSAID.
  • Dazza


    Episcleritis is before the equator, especially in corneal margin to rectus muscle attachment in the course of the area. It is usually divided into two types: tuberous sclera surface inflammation and simple surface scleritis. It is the acute onset of the disease. There are green eye pain photophobia touch pain symptoms such as tears overflowing in recent corneal edge, especially in temporal side. There are pink or purple which is the deep vascular iris surface. It is caused by the extreme expansion, red system lesions surface, conjunctival vasodilator results, round or oval nodules. The color is bright red. The top is yellow. The nodules are often not obvious. The current treatments for episcleritis are given priority to the application of hormone. When necessary, the general use of oral sodium salicylate indomethacin drop can be used together with better pain relief from blood therapy for special cases. The stubborn strontium should use the X-ray radiation therapy. You need to take care of the eyes which are the important part for the whole body.
  • Vivid


    Hello, episcleritis is a self-limiting disease producing little or no permanent damage to the eye. While some treatments can be helpful for patients who with mild symptoms. My suggestion is that you can use artificial tears. But if you are with severe or prolonged episodes, you will need to use topical corticosteroids. If the treatment above does not work, you can try systemic anti-inflammatory agents, which can be useful. Good luck!

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