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Jackson raphael


Can eye strain cause high eye pressure?

How can eye strain affect eyes? Is it possible increase eye pressure?
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  • April


    Eye strain is an ophthalmological condition which are usually caused by tedious visual activities such as longtime reading, working at the computer and watching TV. Eye strain can affect the eye from many a perspective, ranging from blurred vision, double vision to eye pain. Eye pressure is very essential to a well and normal eye function. However, eye pressure can be increased by a lot of reasons such as mental stress and smoking. Apart from the above-mentioned ones, eye strain can also cause increased eye pressure along with headache. As we know when we suffer from eye strain, the muscles and nerves of the eye would get stressed and disordered and thus increase eye pressure. By the way, more physical exercises and more sleep can help relieve the high eye pressure.
  • John clark


    If you have the eye strain, you may have the redness in the eyes. You will not feel comfortable at the both eyes. It is possible for you to increase eye pressure because of the stimulation of the eyes nerves. You could use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable. You could also use the eyes drops to help you keep moist and release eye strain.