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Does fish oil help chalazions?

I heard that fish oil can help people with chalazions. Is this true? How can chalazions help the eyes?
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  • Austin gerard


    Yes, fish oil could help with chalazions. Chalazions is different from a stye. It is bigger and more painful. It refers to a cyst in the eyelids caused by the inflammation of blocked meibomian glands which is mainly responsible for oil film production. With proper treatment, it would require months to get fully healed. While with no treatment, it can last for years. It is so embarrassing that anyone would like to get rid of it immediately. It is recommended by some doctors and patients that fish oil or cod liver oil could be used as effective treatment to chalazions. The oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acid, which can effectively control the inflammation and reduce the swelling. There are some other options other than cod liver oil, like salmon, herring or mackerel. You can use some plant omega-3 fatty instead from flaxseed oil. At the same time, you can apply warm saline water compress, to help the bump rupture. Do some gentle massage around. Don't try to rub to squeeze it.
  • crockettcastle


    Yes, the fish oil which contains the large number of nutritious things can help people with chalazions. The chalazions is often regarded as meibomian gland and its surrounding tissue inflammation which are caused by obstruction of the gland after chronic granulomatous gland body increase. The chalazion onset is eyelid edema. The swelling and stimulate are the main symptoms. And hordeolum may not have easy difference. A few days later, the above symptoms subsided. The eyelid leaves only painless, slow growth of circular mass and so on. The surface of the skin can relax drive. The mass can appear in the eyelid tarsi. The average performance is palpebral conjunctiva under red or gray mass. When mass happen next eyelid in the near Zi department, it should eliminate chronic dacryocystitis. The fish oil containing vitamin A can promote visual cells photosensitive pigment formation. Commissioning the eyes to get adapted to the outside of the strength of the light ability, it can reduce the occurrence of night blindness and visual impairment. It can maintain normal visual response. Fish oil will make people with chalazions get recovery soon at the eyes.