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Can dry eyes cause excessive blinking?

What are the bad effects to suffer dry eyes? Will it make the eyes excessive blinking? Why or why not?
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  • b2sweet16


    There are some bad effects caused by dry eyes. For example, your eyes will feel burn, scratch, sting or feel gritty, or watery even your eyes are dry. Dry eyes is the lack of lubrication. And dry eyes often cause excessive blinking because your feeling uncomfortable, you need to go to see your doctor and have some treatment. For yourself, some eye drops may be helpful.
  • John eddy


    There are many bad side effects of dry eyes. Your eyes will feel absolutely uncomfortable. In addition, your eyes will get red. It will also make the eyes get excessive blinking. As we know, the blinking of the eyes has the role to moisture the eyes. Thus, you will have to blink more times to make the dry eyes get comfortable. You could use some eyes drops to moisture the eyes.