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How to naturally whiten my eyes?

Do you know any good idea to whiten my eyes naturally? Can you give me an idea? Thank you very much.
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  • chained_destiny


    It seems that you've got red eyes or something. Well, this is resulted from irregular lifestyle, such as burning mid-night oil, smoking too much, lack of sleep or overuse of your eyes. So, you want to change this situation, and you might as well follow these tips. Try to buy some eye drops according to your problems, then try as much as you can to get back to a normal lifestyle. Enough sleep and healthy diet must be guaranteed. Once followed, perhaps your eyes can be shining again! Come, change yourself from now on!
  • James


    If you want to make your eyes look white, you can choose to wear the colored contact lenses which will absolutely make you look naturally. More and more people try to use the colored contact lenses to make their eyes look attractive and charming. Thus, you could have a try.