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Melissa garcia


How to use binoculars if you wear glasses?

I always wear my eyeglasses. But right now, i need to use binoculars to see somethings. So, how can i deal with the binoculars and my eyeglasses? Any suggestion?
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  • elstrider


    The best and soonest way to deal with the binoculars and your eyeglasses is to change your eyeglasses into contact lenses. The contact lenses is attached on your surface of eyeball, there will be no obstacle for you to use binoculars at the same time. You know for the swim goggles, there has some prescription swim goggle that combines the function of eyeglasses and goggles together. So I guess some days later in the future, there will appear a staff that combines the function of eyeglasses and binoculars together, right?
  • chrissyonline


    In order not to scratch your eyeglasses when you look in front of the binoculars, you could leave the little distance between the eyeglasses and the binoculars. You could also wear the contact lenses and then look in front of the binoculars to see clearly. The way is so easy.
  • emily_109


    It sounds weird because I think binoculars are totally compatible with a pair of glasses. It is true that your glasses might impede your use of binoculars, but if you handle that carefully, there would be no problems. And you could enjoy better with clearer views. Otherwise, you could try to get a pair of contact lenses, that way, your are also good to go.
  • Glass Manticore


    What is the problem with your vision? If it's just far sighted or near sighted you should be able to use binoculars without the glasses. My vision is pretty bad, I can barely read the big E without glasses, but I always take my glasses off to use telescopes and microscopes. This is why binoculars and stereoscopes have the adjustable ring on one side, so people with different correction in each eye can focus the scope. Have you tried just taking them off when using binoculars?