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Geoff Beckett


How to cure bloodshot eye after rhinoplasty?

I get bloodshot eyes since i took rhinoplasty. Is this normal? How can i treat it?
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  • Jackson raphael


    Well, first, you should know that when your eyes are bloodshot, you may feel pain in your eyes too. Also, redness can occur in some degree. And generally speaking, bloodshot eyes can be a sign of many typical eye problems. But on the other hand, eye infection after the eyes surgery can be the most common cause, which can lead to bloodshot eyes. To relieve the situation, you can try cold compresses, using cold ice, teabag, even cucumbers under your eyes, and repeat it. Also, you should not overuse your eyes after the surgery.
  • colourmevintage


    There will be some side effects after rhinoplasty, including the bloodshot eyes. You should use some eye drops with anti-inflammation to release the eyes. You should have the good rest for the eyes. In addition, you should eat more food with vitamin C to make the eyes feel comfortable. You should not smoke or drink which could stimulate your eyes.

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