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Caroline hill


How to get a boyfriend if you wear glasses?

Do you guys will accept girls with eyeglasses? Any suggestions?
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  • cliffistheshit


    Yes, guys will accept girls with eyeglasses because some girls will look good when wearing the eyeglasses. Some types with good face shape will be suitable to match with a type of eyeglass. Sometimes, girls will wear the eyeglasses with no lenses to make them look special and good. Eyeglasses can also be regarded as the accessories to improve the beauty.
  • Alexander david


    Ok, from what you said, I know you are afraid of that glasses would impair your feminine charm and affect your looks. Anyway, as a man, I must say, the key to attracting a man is the woman's face and figure, even if glasses could make impact on your looks, there are some glasses made for women, such as cat eye glasses, or just black glasses, they could even add some charm and attraction to you. Apart from choosing the right glasses, you also have to pay attention to what you wear and your hair.
  • walker


    Oh, how do you get a conclusion that the girls with glasses are hard to get a boyfriend. It is true that some people or some girls will not look as beautiful as they does not. But it is not unchangeable. Some girls will look even better if they got a proper glasses that fit them well. On this aspect, glasses become a kind of accessories, you will become much more beautiful, just keep confident!
  • PRY


    Be confident, compensate with clothes, more smile, If you do as what I said, I belive that you will get a boyfriend in a near future.

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