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How to make your eyes pop if you wear glasses?

I noticed that wearing glasses can make my eyes look smaller. Can you tell me how can i make my eyes pop when i wear my glasses?
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  • evilrain


    You could do the eye makeup to make your eyes pop when you wear the glasses. You could use the eye liner to make your eyes look black and big. In addition, you could also use dark eye shadow to make your eyes look attractive and charming. All the above simple ways will make your eyes look bigger when you wear the glasses.
  • b3phoenix


    Hello, there are a lot of ways to make your eyes pop when you wear your glasses. First, keep wearing black mascara, use white eyeliner on your lower waterline since it will open them up and use a winger black liner on the top. Second, use some light beige eye shadow on your eyelid, not on inner and outer corner of your eyes. You can also find out some other eye makeup to make your eyes pop when wear glasses, most of them are useful.
  • Jessica Stevenson


    From what I know, it is true our eyes tend to be looking smaller and less shining with a pair of old fashioned glasses. Anyway, that is a fact of life. However, I recommend that you should get a pair of amazing and nice-looking glasses from a large optical store, for there would be more options available to you, such as Amazon or Walmart vision center. Also, you should pay attention to your dress and haircut.
  • Ristina


    Eyeliner is Key. The line should be thick enough that you can see it when you open your eyes. Draw it all the way across the eye.
    Define Your Brows. To ensure that your glasses don%u2019t overpower your face
    Go With Waterproof Mascara. Regular mascara can smudge against your lenses
    Don%u2019t forget your concealer. Lenses can highlight and enhance any under eye darkness or redness, so concealer helps keep the attention on your eyes%u2014not on your circles.