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Angelica giles


How long does blurry vision last after rhinoplasty?

I get blurry vision after rhinoplasty. It is really troublesome. Can you tell me how long can i recover from blurry vision?
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  • Jonathan tuener


    Well, it will just take about one week for the blurred vision to recover. At this period, you should pay more attention to eye infection. First, you should know that blurry vision is can be caused by the bacteria, and other allergies. And generally speaking, when your eyes are infected by some viruses, your eyes are likely to get eye infection. In some cases, your blurry vision can occur too. And after the eye surgery, it is more possible to have eye infection, leading to blurred vision. To treat it, you can use some eye drops, and eye patch can be used too. And then it will recover in one week.
  • Kristy


    Your blurry vision after rhinoplasty may be the temporary symptom. You may get the recovery after three days if you protect the eyes carefully. You could have the rest for the eyes. In addition, you should eat more food with vitamin c to moisture the eyes. You could also use some eye drops to get the clear eye vision.