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How can i tell if my glasses are the wrong prescription?

I know that wearing wrong prescription eyeglasses is bad to eyes. So, can you tell me how can i tell if my eyeglasses are with wrong prescription? My new glasses give me headaches. Does that mean i get wrong prescription eyeglasses?
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  • Christina keith


    Yes, wearing the wrong prescription eyeglasses is bad to your eyes which will make you feel uncomfortable. If the prescription is higher, you will have the headache. If the prescription is lower, you will see things in blurry and can't see clearly. You'd better have the right prescription to make your eyes feel comfortable.
  • Jose joyce


    Well, yes, when you get headache after you have worn a pair of new glasses, it is possible for you to have the wrong prescription. Generally speaking, glasses with wrong prescription may cause headaches because of eye strain. In common, when you have glasses with wrong prescription, it is easy for your eyes to suffer eye strain. And then it will lead to headache, dizziness, vertigo and nausea etc. Using eyeglasses with an incorrect prescription will not provide you well vision aids. You may still get blurry vision. So, It is easy to know if your eyeglasses are with wrong prescription or not.

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