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What are side effects of getting punched in the eye ?

I just get a punched in the eyes. What are side effects i may suffer?
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  • evelyn12


    The serious degree of the side effects you suffer after the punch depends on the heating degree of the punch. If it is a heavy one, you may get puffy eyes which should be covered with warm cloth to release the symptom. What's worse, the too much heavy punch may cause the retinal detachment if you have the high prescription. Thus, it is very dangerous to have the punch on the eyes. You'd better go to see the doctor and have a check.
  • Allison


    The side effect of get punched in eyes will be commotion retinae and retinal edema; the symptom will be visual blur. It will be recovered soon for several hours and no need to take treat. It is the results of pupils' edema and congestion. If the vision is complete and no change as before, the eyeball is ok. The other side effect is fracture of eye socket, because the bones are thin between the connection of eyes and nose. The hyphema and lens dislocation as well as vitreous hemorrhage will also be the capable side effect of punched eyes. The last one is black eyes, it is maybe the most inevitable thing after punch.

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