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How much is the average price of chanel sunglasses?

I LOVE chanel stuff such as perfume, clothes, sunglasses. How much do chanel sunglasses usually cost?
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  • Lindsay


    Yes of course, Chanel is such a luxurious brand that most of its goods attract the general public for its prime design, style and quality. Personally speaking, I like them very much but they are for women I think. Since they target on the rich and the upper class, so their prices would be very high, typically, a pair of sunglasses could cost you several hundred dollars, even twenty hundred.
  • coloradolicious


    It is not cheap to buy a pair of chanel sunglasses. It cost hundreds of years. I just see their websites. The cheapest sunglasses requires $259. Still, i see the highest chanel sunglasses which priced over $425. And the prices are different from each pair of chanel sunglasses. Here are their official sites, you can check it yourself:
  • andrew


    Yeah, talking about the brand of chanel, we will think about the perfume, clothes and so on. And the chanel sunglasses are so cool that will attract a lot of people's eyes. The average price of chanel sunglasses is about $ 400. Usually if you want to buy the good one, you may prepare as high as $700.