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Jordan owen


What are side effects of eye bag removal surgery ?

I hate these dark circles under my eyes and i want to take a surgery to remove these annoying dark circles. Is there any side effect of eye bag removal surgery? What are they?
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  • cocreative


    Many people try to use the eye bag removal surgery to help them get rid of the black circles under the eyes to become beautiful. However, if you don't accept the good surgery at good hospital, you will have the side effect after the surgery, like the scars left on the face. There are two main operation methods to get rid of the eye bags. The first one is the inscribed pouch method. This cut pouch method IS suitable for those young women who has transmissibility pouch which is just the simple excision of fat. The second method is the slice method which will cut from next palpebral eyelash edge 2-3 mm place. If the operation is not successful, it will leave the scar. It will have side effect. You'd better choose the good hospital.
  • Theron


    Blepharoplasty surgery can certainly reduce some problems on both the upper and the lower eyelids by removing the skin and fat excess. However, there are potential risks. Some of the side effects of the surgery are: 1. Ptosis: over treated surgery can cause droopy eyelids. 2. Eye sight trouble: it is usually temporary. It would be ok for a period of time. 3. Eyelid skin loss: it is caused by over treated surgery and need skin graft. 4. Infection: this can happen after any surgery and can be treated with antibiotic ointments. Surgery is not the only way to remove dark circles or eye bags. Some physical treatment, like massage and appropriate diet, can also reduce the situation.
  • Mya harris


    Like every coin has two sides, eye bag removal surgery is also risks. In details, you should know that you may take the below risks if you take removal surgery: Retrobulbar hematoma, temporary, excessive tearing, a dry, burning, or gritty sensation of the eye, infection and swelling etc.