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How to get rid of wrinkles under your eyes naturally?

There are some wrinkles under my eyes. Are there natural treatments for my wrinkles?
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  • Kelly gary


    There are some treatments, you can do as follow: First, reducing Acceptable daily intake(ADI) of salt. As moreover salt will cause earlier aging. Second, Eat some more Vitamin A food such as carrot, animal liver, or Vitamin A pill, as Vitamin A can keep skin sooth. Third, rub your hands until it is warm and then do face care, spare longer time to massage the wrinkles, firstly massage it ups and downs and later left and right. I hope these can help you.
  • handy82


    Well, sounds really bad huh? So, as far as I know, there are something you should do to tackle this problem and slow the process of ageing. You should keep a healthy diet, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Try to put some plant essential oil around your eyes to enrich your skin. Also, try to get more sleep and get some nice cosmetics to eliminate those wrinkles. Anyway, you gotta pay more attention.