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Gabriel peters


Does blinking help dry eye?

My eyes often feel very dry. My sister asked me to blink. Does blinking really work for dry eyes?
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  • Alyssa


    Absolutely yes! Blinking can stimulate tear gland to secrete tears. And lubricate eyes. Looking at computer or undering air-conditioned circumstances for a long time, your eyes would feel dry and blurred. Those might be symptoms of xerophthalmia, also known as dry eyes. According to medical scientist's suggestion, in generally, dry eyes is not of consequence at all. But with serious development, it can lead to lose vision. My recommendation is to consult your eye doctor, give him your detail symptoms and have thoroughly checkup.
  • Benson Dubois


    Yes. Blink eyes can help release dry eyes. In fact, blinking is the most natural way to help your dry eyes. But usually, people spend much of time watching television or staring at a computer screen and seldom blink eyes that lost the nature way to moisture the eyes. This is why people often use computer and see TV feel eye strain and dry eyes. So, try to blink more when you use computer.
  • handyhands


    Yes, the blinking will work for the dry eyes. The normal eyelid will be moved per minute and blinking about 15 times a minute. The movement of blinking eyes is good. First of all, it can play a clean role by moisture the eyes. Next, blinking eyes can play the role of eye protection when sand or fly closes to the eyes. It can block the grains of sand and worms when your eyes feel tired. Thus, when you feel dry, you can blink a few times. However, blink too much times a minute will cause the tiredness of the eyes. Thus, you'd better control the suitable times. And eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes.

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