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Susan Wright


Can men wear big sunglasses?

This year, big sunglasses are so hot. Just wondering can men like me wear big sunglasses. Will i look good?
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  • colors8282


    Everyone, both men and women, can wear oversized sunglasses. Wearing big sunglasses or not is depending on your facial figure or dress style, not gender. Big frame sunglasses is for everyone, whether your face are round or thin. Search the key words, oversized sunglasses and men, you will find many male movie stars wear large size one this year. And it is totally hot! large sunglasses can not only make you fashion, but prevent more light radiation. If you were a man for high-quality standard of life, big sunglasses is must have. Or you can upload your image, I will give your some advices.
  • walkietalkie131


    Yes. Of course. Why not? big sunglasses are everywhere in recent years. They are not the patent for women, there are many men wear such big sunglasses. And in fact, the big sunglasses look great and cool on them. So, just go ahead. And there are different designs of big sunglasses, you can just pick up one that can flatter you. Just try on and find it out in an eyeglasses shop. Good luck.
  • James green


    Yes, men can of course wear the big sunglasses. You will look good because the fashionable appearance. Actually the big sunglasses are really fashionable and popular. You could choose the suitable clothing to match with the big sunglasses. It is really good to wear such popular and fashionable big sunglasses.