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Does a nintendo 3ds damage your eyes?

I like playing nintendo 3ds but my mom told me it is bad for my eyes? Does it really harm my eyes?
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  • cdale


    Your mom is right. In modern society, electrical products are closely with us. 3d technology is gradually applied in movie and television, which features stereoimaging. Its principle is to filter different colors and give you a 3d imaging. Focusing on screen over an extended period of time is hurt for eyes. Some even lose vision. Floater, dry, itchy and bloody are the most common complains. When you watch 3d film or play 3d game, your eyes muscles need to adjust and focus, that is why some people's eyes would watery after watching 3d Avatar. Some tips might be helpful: 1. Have a rest after 1 hour. 2. Blink eyes frequently. 3. Adjust the light intensity of screen. 4. Close eyes and move eye balls. For me, I think get rid of the 3d game is the best way of eye protection.
  • claire_lew


    Yes. I think it will hurt your eyes if you spend too much time on a nintendo 3ds games. In fact, even you reading too much on computer will ruin your vision. So there is no doubt spend too much time on a nintendo 3ds will ruin your eyes, too. Because the flashing screen will emits some harmful rays and light to your eyes. Besides, long time focus on the screen will strain your eyes. If you like playing nintendo 3ds, just take a regular rest and take care of your eyes.
  • christian


    Yes, what your mom tells you is right. With the modern life develop fast, the electric products will have bad effect on the eyes. The too much time use of computers, television and so on may make the eyes feel uncomfortable. When you look at the screen, the distance is so near that will save the procedure of reflecting the light resource into the corneal and then coming to the eyes. If you play nintendo 3ds for a long time, your eye nerves will intense which will easily feel tired. If you are doing so for a long time, your eye vision may get worse. What's worse, the brain will get tired. It is easy to get shortsightedness. Thus, you should not play it for a long time, having a little rest for the eyes after 40 minutes looking at the screen.
  • stenna denniwial


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  • stenna denniwial


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  • stenna denniwial


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