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Can men wear brown sunglasses?

I'm wondering if a man who wear brown sunglasses look good? Are brown sunglasses suitable for men?
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  • Thomas


    Haha... I am a man too. Brown suglassses is my favorite color. Different strokes for different folks. I think brown sunglasses is versatile and can be matched with many other colors. It looks you more professional and prudent. Sunglasses can prevent our eyes from uv radiation. Most of sunglasses can block HEV rays, but only brown, copper or reddish-brown sunglasses can block blue light, a harmful light for eyes. Both practical and fashionable, why do not you choose a brown one, guy!
  • Brittany


    Yes. Of course, men can wear brown sunglasses. There is no such gender limits. Otherwise, brown sunglasses are cool for most of men and women. Besides, brown sunglasses lenses are considered the comfortable lenses. Just choose brown sunglasses according to your face shape. If you want look good, Just avoid sunglasses with the same frame shape of your face.
  • b1ttersw33t7


    Yes, men can of course wear the brown sunglasses. If he wants to look good, he may take notice on the clothing which should be matched with his sunglasses. In addition, the white clothing can be matched with brown sunglasses. Or else, the black clothing will look cool when adding with the brown sunglasses.

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