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Are contacts better for crossed eyes than glasses?

My eyes cross inward. One of my friend suggests me wear contact lenses. He said that contact lenses will help me see better than eyeglasses. Is that true? Will I see better with contacts than glasses?
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  • Kaylee tuener


    What your friend suggest is right. Crossed eyes, with no goal, have to stare at the picture for several seconds before seeing it. Then even you blink at that time, you can still see it. However, people with crossed eyes will find discomfort when wearing the eyeglasses for the obstruction of vision from the side of the frame. Thus, wearing the contact lenses may be a good way.
  • Katelyn


    It's difficult to tell contacts are better than glasses for crossed eyes. As we know that crossed eyes occur when a person's eyes are not able to locate on the same point at the same time, and appear to be pointed in different directions. To correct the crossed eyes, you can wear glasses or contacts. But in my opinion, you'd better wear contacts. Because contacts can make you feel more comfortable and they also can improve your vision if you choose some types of contacts which are designed for special use. Anyway, it all depends on your own choice.
  • Richard


    It depends on you, because every one has different ideas. If you like to wear contact lenses, you can choose contact lenses. As your friend said that contact lenses are better for crossed eyes, the reason for that is wearing contact lenses will broaden our sight. But wearing contact lenses too much often is harm to our eyes, so in my opinion, you'd better wear glasses rather than contact lenses.

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