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Paige williams


How long does it take to get prism glasses?

Is there anyone who have bought prism glasses? How long does it take to get prism glasses after order it?
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  • Tyler charles


    Sorry, I have not bought prism glasses. But my friend has got one last week. I remembered that he has received the glasses after the two days he ordered it. At first, he said the time of processing is one day. Because he needs the high prescription which means that he wants to buy the high prescription lenses, the day is delayed to the two days. You may call the store and ask them the detailed information. Usually a day will be done.
  • Andri


    If you buy prism glasses from a private doctor, usually, you can get ti a few days (3-5) days or so. If you need prism glasses, i not recommend you buy it online. Since the specialty of prism lenses, you may not get comfortable prism glasses online. My friend have bought a pair of The eyeglasses comes out uncomfortable. So get it in your local shop or buy them from a private doctor. Good luck.

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