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How soon can i swim after cataract surgery?

I want to swim. But i have just take an cataracts surgery. And i was told not swim till my eyes recover. But how soon can i recover for swimming?
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  • Brandon


    After the cataracts surgery, you'd better protect your eyes carefully. Keep away from the spicy food. What's more, not use the computer for a long time. If you want to swim, you'd better wait for a month. Although the eyes may get recovery after usually a week, you should not go to swim for too much bacterium in the water which may let your eyes get infected.
  • Christina


    Generally speaking,after a eye surgery, the patient had better not swim within 3 mouth. Also should avoid other strenuous exercise, especially the movements which need lower the head. Attention to your daily life, avoid overworked, prevent cold. Maintain defecate unobstructed, eat less excitant food, and give up smoking and alcohol, eat more fruit and vegetables. At the same time you need do the regular review, including vision, sight day, artificial lens and fundus situation. Hope these information can help you.