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Nathan harris


What color eyes are considered the most beautiful?

I plan to buy a pair of color contact lenses. Now, i am here ask some ideas. What colors of eyes are considered the most beautiful?
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  • John clark


    Quite a subjective question, I mean, different people have different answers from one another. If you are an American, you would think that blue eyes are beautiful. However, if you are a Chinese, black eyes would be fine. So, this depends on a series of factors. But, generally speaking, the majority of people would prefer blue if they have got the chance to choose what color their eyes could be. And speaking for myself, I like light blue eyes,which is just as beautiful as the sky. Why not have a try?
  • Bernice


    Wearing the colored contact lenses may help you increase a lot of charm by showing the big watery eyes. From the visual aspect, the dark blue color contact lenses will make you look romantic, especially suitable for the Asians. And you can see a lot of stars wearing the dark blue contact lenses on the magazine. What's more, this color will not be too exaggerated.