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Can you repair ripped contact lenses?

Can ripped contact lenses be repaired? Are they necessary?
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  • Jeff N


    No, they can not be repaired again. The contact lenses are made of silicone hydrogel. Invisible glasses is very easy to be damaged.In the use of wearing contact lenses, you should be very careful about processing lens, avoiding the damage. The discretion of the moisture content can influence the characteristics of the contact lenses. The higher the water content of lens, the softer the lens are. But they are easier to suffer from the deformation damage. Once the contact lenses are ripped, you'd better buy a new one. Or else, they may hurt your cornea.
  • Kaylee


    If your contact lenses ripped, you need give up the lenses and buy new contact lenses instead. In fact, i never heard anyone say that contact lenses can be repaired if they are ripped. Besides, most of contact lenses are cheap. It needn't to repair contact lenses. Nowadays, for people who wear contact lenses often buy contact lenses by box. So, just take a new contact lenses. Anyway, constantly change new contact lenses will do better to eyes than who wearing a pair of contact lenses for a long time.
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