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How do prism glasses help double vision?

I always feel double vision. My friends recommend me prism eyeglasses. How do prism glasses help double vision?
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  • en_liten_glimt


    The double vision may be caused by the unstable eye pressure which needs you to take notice. If this insists for a long time, the high eye pressure may cause the disorder of the eye nerves and the normal working of eyeballs. What's worse, it may cause the glaucoma. Wearing the prism eyeglasses, they may help you be calm in the eyes. I suggest you to go to see the doctor and have a check.
  • Ethan edward


    Prism glasses are contain prism which are thin pieces of the optical material. The prism in the eyeglasses can slow the light down longer than the top apex, and light changes direction down towards the base as it exits the prism. Maybe this is why they help people with double vision. In fact, in Fort Collins, optometrists usually prescribe prism eyeglasses for people with double vision. So, you can have a try.
  • Zoe


    Prism glasses are different from normal eyeglasses. They are made of prism lenses. In common, people see double vision because their eyes are looking at two different points instead of the same point. And prism lenses can correct this problem that make him focus the same point so that to correct their double vision.
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