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How to look good with big glasses?

I have a pair of big eyeglasses. And i find most of people take big glasses as a trend of fashion. But i don't think the big glasses look good on me. Any suggestion? How to look good with big eyeglasses?
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  • eminentpraise


    Well, I belive that you really want to wear big framed glasses, right? So, consider your situation, I have some advice for you. Firstly, you should make sure that your hair is not short, since that will make you look weird. Second, you should make your dress more fashionable. Also, try to leave a nice hair, maybe the barber will know how to do this. And don't forget to get yourself a pair of nice glasses. Once these steps are taken, you will find yourself totally different from how you used to be and much more charming. So, now, go and change yourself.
  • walkingjaded


    I don't know which shape of your face belongs to. The big eyeglasses really become a big fashion these days. And the big black frame eyeglasses will match almost all kinds of faces, except the small ones. If you want to look good, you'd better keep notice on your clothes to make them look matched with your eyeglasses.
  • Rnna


    Make sure your glasses fit your face properly,Choose glasses that fit your face shape.Treat your glasses as an accessory.Adjust your eye makeup.Style your hair.Clean your glasses regularly.

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