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Alexander david


Is computer vision syndrome permanent?

In recent days, i use too much computers and suffers so called computer vision syndrome. I wonder will those computer vision syndrome permanent? Or will it disappear if i no longer use computer?
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  • Vivid


    Of course the computer vision syndrome is not the permanentone on the condition that your vision has not got the serious problems. Usually our eyes will feel fry after a long time use of computers with little rest. With this symptom, the floater may appear in our eyes. However, if we have a good rest on our eyes and keep the good habit of using computers, this symptom will be released. Or else, the eyes nerves will be damaged continuously until they become short sighted. This will be permanent.
  • Sharon Field


    No, computer vision syndrome is a temporary eye problem. It's caused by extremely and prolonged using the computer to cause fatigue of eyes and muscular pain in the neck and back. And it could be go away when you are staying off the computer for about two weeks at maximum. Otherwise, your symptoms would become worse to subside with continual use of the computer. By the way, you have to keep the monitor at least 25 inches away from you and take frequently break.