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Are glasses more expensive than contacts?

Now, a pair of prescription eyeglasses is really expensive. It seems contact lenses are cheaper. What's your opinion? Are glasses more expensive than contact lenses?
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  • William


    Although the eyeglasses are really more expensive than those of contact lenses, especially for the high prescription eyeglasses, you should take the using time into consideration. According to abandon time classification, the contact lenses are classified into the day, month, half year and a year's used ones. They have to be changed before the expired time. So you should take this cost into consideration. And one type of eyeglasses may be worn for more than three years.
  • handy82


    Usually, a pair of contact lenses is cheaper than a pair of eyeglasses. But a pair of eyeglasses can last for a long time, maybe, one year, two years even more long period. However, a pair of contact lenses won't last so much time. There are daily contact lenses, week contact lenses and monthly contact lenses etc. They have short life period. So, you need buy more contact lenses. From this point, it is more economic to buy eyeglasses rather than contact lenses.
  • shaenm


    It Depends. If your prescription has stabilized and you plan on keeping the same pair of glasses for several years, then glasses are cheaper than contact lenses. but generally speaking, glasses more expensive than contacts.