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Are round glasses in style this season?

Round glasses are really common and simple eyeglasses style. Some people said it looks retro. Are the round glasses still in style right now? Should I buy them for a good look?
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Answers (3)

  • Richard


    I love vintage, I love round glasses. To be honest, round glasses are vintage stuff and very hot right now. round glasses can add the finishing touch to your vintage style outfits. They are favored by lot of men and women. So, you can have a try at round glasses to help you make a fashion statement. There is one thing that you need think about is that you should never wear round glasses if you have a round face. if you do, you will look very weird. Believe me.
  • Audrey


    Well, round glasses are still in fashion now. Personally, I think they are very cute and they are traditional glasses. As Harry Porter wear this kind of glasses who has so many fans, round nerdy glasses are very popular. But they may not suit for everyone as the differences of face shapes. We often select on the contrary of out face. If your face is a little square, round framed glasses will perfect you. But if your face shape is round, they may make your face rounder and rounder. So they are not suit for you. You can go to a shop and have a try.
  • Bruce Robot


    Round glasses are very classic vintage glasses. This kind of glasses began to be fashion decades ago. Many fashionable people such as movie stars or singers like wearing a pair of round glasses for makeup no matter on formal or informal occasion. However, compared with black nerd glasses, round glasses are not so much hot in this season. By the way, round glasses are not suitable for round face and big face. So, if you want to buy glasses in style right now, I prefer to recommend you the black nerd glasses.