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Can watching tv cause eye strain?

My eyes feel strained after watching TV in the whhole afternoon. Why? Can watching TV cause strain eyes?
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  • Gillian


    Yes, it is possible to have eye strain from watching TV. To have a clear vision, no matter upclose or at distance, it requires a focusing power. If keep looking at the same distance or same object, eye strain would be resulted. When people are looking at TV screen or computer monitor, they tend to blink 5 times less than normal. Without blinking, it can't help spread the tear film produced by uppder eyelids to nourish the eyeball. It can also lead to excessive evaporation of tear in eyes. Eyes are dry, and so the vision becomes blurry.Serious eye strain might cause headache. To prevent eye strain, taking frequent breaks is a good method. Changing the focusing of vision could help relax eyes. Doing eye exercises or eye massage would help promot the blood flow to eyes and so allay the fatigue.
  • enternalhate


    Asthenopia, better known as eye strain, which is an ophthalmological condition that manifests itself through fatigue, pain in or around the eyes, blurred vision, headache and occasional double vision. Generally speaking, eye strain occurs when you reading too much, watching TV in a long time and playing computer constantly. If you are concentrating on a visually intense task, such as continuously focusing on a book or computer monitor, the ciliary muscle tightens. Obviously, watching TV constantly will cause eye strain. You can apply cucumber slices on eyes, or drink some tea and take a good rest, or drop some basic drops into eyes if you feel eye strain. In addition, you also can take vitamins supplements through eating apples, tomatoes, oranges and so on. Eye strain is one of basic eye problems, so pay attention to eyes and keep eye health.