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Which color tint can hide ur eye to an extent yet suitable for computer usage, reading and writing, and general purpose wearing.

I would like to tint my glasses. I wish to wear those glasses for all occasions. 12 hr i work on computers, i read, write, take academic lectures; which color of tint i should go for where i will be able to do all my work normally, yet that can hide my eyes to an extent while conversing with people. The color should not look odd for professional academic discussions.
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  • walkwithmir


    From your description, i know that you need some suggestion to buy eyeglasses almost use for seeing computer, reading and writing. So, you shall choose eyeglasses that should include anti-reflective coating. Also, some people called it as anti-glare treatment. The lenses can reduce the reflections of lights thus to help you reduce eye strain because of seeing too much computer screen. And to get more comfortable vision through the lenses, as you said, you can add some color tint on the lenses. As for the tint color choices, it depends on your personal preference. Generally, eye doctors recommend a light color to the lenses. If you also need some vision aids, consult your eye care professional before you buy the glasses. Hope this can help you.

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