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Which one is better,Monthly vs yearly contact lenses?

I know contact lenses can be further classified according to their time of using such as monthly contact lenses and yearly contact lenses. But what are the differences between monthly contact lenses and yearly contact lenses? Which one is better?
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  • Tracy


    The time that the contact lenses can be used vary in a large range from one day to one year. This is because they select different materials. Actually, the material of yearly contact lenses is better than that of monthly contact lenses in many aspects such as oxygen permeablility or the anti protein feature. Besides, the yearly contact lenses are much cheaper considering the using time. However, monthly contact lenses are much sanitary compared with yearly contact lenses because they are changed often. So, my advice is to buy yearly contact lenses but use them for 6 months.
  • Gabriella rodney


    I prefer monthly contact lenses and it is simply easy to throw them away afterwards. However, as for your question, I suggest you to get advice from your eye doctor because we should choose contact lenses on an individual basis. What suit others may be suitable for you. So get your eyes checked by your eye doctor.
  • Luis lewis


    Under normal circumstances, monthly contact lenses are the best, followed by a half yearly contact lenses. Monthly contact lenses combine the advantages of daily contact lenses and yearly contact lenses. They are relatively clean, also will make you feel comfortable. However, each brands are based in radians or will differ somewhat. Anyway, you should pick the contact lenses with rich moisture. Recommend that you look online before you make a decision and choose the brand of you really need.
  • griffin


    The guide to the length of time contact lenses depends entirely upon what type of lenses you choose. The reason contact lenses need to be replaced is mainly because of infection and durability. Disposable lenses are made of very fine flexible plastic which can easily tear. Longer lasting lenses are stronger and more durable. Most soft contact lenses are replaced on a monthly schedule. They require simple cleaning and disinfection between uses and are removed at nighttime. And they have their own advantages. because these lenses are good for eye health and are available in most prescriptions. Yearly contact lenses are not commonly prescribed anymore. Because they are replaced less frequently, there are less comfortable, less breathable and increase chances of infection. So in my opinion, you'd better choose the monthly ones. Besides, no matter which kind of contacts you will choose. It's important for you to clean them frequently. only in this way can you protect your eyes.

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