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What food or vitamins are beneficial for my red eyes?

My eyes are red and irritated. Except eye drop, are there anything foods for red eyes. Thanks a lot.
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  • arnold


    Antioxidant materials such as vitamin E are helpful in the prevention of macular degeneration. Lutein is a wonderful thing for eye health which is seen in vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots and colorful vegetables. Vitamin A is necessary for good vision. So you may eat more liver and some meats which have high vitamin A content. You are also recommended to take some vitamin C which is not only good for your eyes but also good for your physical health. Besides, studies have shown that regularly eating foods rich in omega-3 fats can help protect tiny blood vessels buried within the eyes. Wild salmon and sardines are among your best sources.
  • Jose joyce


    Red eyes can have a variety of causes. Allergies and lack of sleep are two of the main culprits. Under normal circumstances, we adopt the following solutions. Use artificial tears to cure irritated red eyes. Sometimes, red eyes are a result of excessive dryness. You can use a package of frozen peas, or wrap some crushed ice in a small towel and press it against your eyes. However, the food will also have a certain impact on the red eyes. In general, foods containing vitamin A can protect the eyes. We recommend that you eat food containing vitamin A, and develop a good eye habits. Drink more chrysanthemum tea, soon, it will be a great improvement in your eyes.
  • Caspar


    The most beneficial food for your red eyes is the water which can keep your eyes hydra-protective. Drink enough water and keep your eyes moving in case of water accumulation because of poor circulation. At the same time, you had better have the chicken toe or pork leg which help the skin maintain elasticity. It is necessary to have some vegetable, like cauliflower cabbage eggplant lentils carrots cucumber and tomatoes, and bananas and apples are also your good choice.
  • Alexandria


    1, Eating more light food and less spicy food, you may be appropriate to drink some herbal tea such as Momordica grosvenori tea, fruit teat. But the isolation and maintaining the health is the most fundamental thing. 2, All the ''cold'' energetic and heat-clearing food have anti-inflammatory effection, such as water chestnuts, lotus root, persimmon, sugar cane, bananas, watermelon, tea, clam, snail, Kalimeris medlar, leaves, arrowhead, wild rice, melon, bitter gourd, sponge gourd, mung bean, chrysanthemum, etc. have auxiliary therapeutic action. Patients Should not eat hot spicy foods with fat, such as onion, leek tea, garlic, pepper, mutton, dog meat, ginger and other spicy food to make it worse, octopus, yellow croaker, eel, shrimp, crab, pig fat objects, beheaded, mustard, etc. should not be ate. 3, Anti-inflammatory is the major treatment. Chrysanthemum tea can be used for drinks.

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