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Mya harris


Are figs good for your eyes?

My mother bought me some figs yesterday and also told me that they were quite good for my eyes. But I really don' t think they taste well. Is it true that figs can be good for my eyes?
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  • Brandon cook


    Fig alias sweet fruit, belong to deciduous leaf bush or small tree, and it is good for our eyes to some extents. Fig contains a lot of nutritions, including vitamin A, vitamin B and so on, which are greatly beneficial to our eye health, and can stimulates the production of rhodopsin in your eyes and improves your eyesight. In addtion, fig have the function of relieving puffy eyes. Just cut into slices and put them on your eyes or use them make a cup of tea and it taste well. Thus intaking a appropriate amount of figs is good for your eyes.
  • Allen


    Yea, figs can do good for the eyes. Figs are purple foods that contain anthocyanidin, which can accelerate the synthesizing and reproduction of the rhodopsin in the retina to make the retina adjust to the change of the light and improve the discriminatory ability of the eye in the dark place. If you do not like the taste of figs, then do not force yourself to eat them. You can eat other blackish purple foods rich of rhodopsin such as grape, blackberry, eggplants, mulberry, purple perilla, broccoli, blueberry and black kerneled rice. As a matter of fact, foods rich of vitamin A and vitamin C also benefit eyes much.

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