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Is kiwi good for your eyes?

I love eating kiwi very much and my friends told me that it is very helpful to my eyesight,really? Is that why I have such a good eyesight?
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  • luis


    Yea, there is no denying that kiwi fruit is helpful to eyesight because it is a kind of food rich of vitamin C and vitamin E, which can help the body eliminating the abnormal accumulation of the oxide to prevent the tissues from being damaged. If the body is lack of vitamin C and vitamin E, chances are that the cataract develops.
  • William edward


    Kiwi is abundant in various kinds of amino acids, minerals, carotene, and other vitamins such as vitamin C, all of which are necessary nutrients for the the health of the eyes. Amino acids can help form the proteins; minerals such as phosphorus is good for the eyes; vitamin C can reduce the risk of getting cataracts; carotene can help remove the eye fatigue. Therefore, eating moderate amount of kiwi can be good for your eyes. But you also need to supplement other nutrients from dairy products, fish, eggs, and so on, which can provide more proteins, vitamin E what are favorable for the health of your eyes.